Airbus Gaming

The Airbus gaming CTF

  • Type

    • 01
  • Client

    • Airbus
  • Services

    • UI Design
    • Chara design
    • 3D
    • Development
    • Motion design
    • Sound design
  • Year

    • 2022/2023


Airbus Gaming is a competitive CTF* platform designed specifically for cybersecurity experts, and played mainly at physical cybersecurity events.

First blood

Modernize an often austere universe by taking advantage of the video game experience. A guaranteed futuristic, high-tech atmosphere.

No neighborhood

A single focus: to provide players with a totally immersive gaming experience.

The big one is coming

Connection, mission, heroes, lobby or ranking: everything has been designed to keep players focused on their objectives.

Micro-interactions throughout the platform reinforce the atmosphere promised by Airbus Gaming.

An optimized and efficient end-to-end user experience.

Gamification for better conquering

Sound design, motion, challenges and objectives enhance the immersive dimension of the platform.

One hero to rule them all

We've imagined, designed and created 16 different characters, so that players can play the part of the hero that suits them best.

Game master

The trainer's area allows the game master (or admin) to configure and manage the games, assign teams and consult the leaderboards of finished games.

We are constantly improving and developing the platform to provide the best possible experience for players, thanks to the trust placed in us by Airbus.


  • Elia

    AD & UI Design
  • Jessy

    Product owner
  • Adrien

    UI design
  • Nicolas

    Motion design
  • Clément

    3D artist
  • Benjamin

    Front-end development
  • Alexandre

    Back-end development