The Heineken sports betting platform

  • Type

    • 01
  • Client

    • Heineken
  • Services

    • UX Design
    • UI Design
    • Development
  • Year

    • 2022


Greenbet is a sports betting application developed for Heineken's partner bar owners and their employees, designed to celebrate the Champions League 2022 soccer tournament.

Entering the field

A clear identity reflecting both the world of soccer and the Heineken branding.

Crowds in the stands

In our design approach, we wanted to bring together partners with a passion for soccer to create a community of players invested in and committed to the platform. Retention isn't water.

Play. Bet. Win.

The Greenbet experience is all about competing with and against friends and co-workers, comparing betting results, completing as many challenges as possible and winning the best rewards.

Straight to the point

Make your predictions, see the latest news and check the results. We've developed all the features of an online betting platform to keep users in close touch with the competition.

Flying goal

To create a playful experience, several gamification elements were added to the platform: rankings, rewards & challenges were at the heart of user interaction.

And we haven't forgotten the mobile version...


The entire platform has been designed and optimized for mobile use, so you can enter your picks and follow the competition at any time, from anywhere.


  • Elia

    Product designer & 3D
  • Jessy

    Product owner
  • Louis